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Mini Sessions are now available!  

Time Slots/Locations are as follows:


Monday - Peterborough Area

10am - 3pm


Tuesday - Various Locations*

10 am - 3pm


Wednesday - Keene Area

10 am - 12pm 

2 pm - 4:30pm


Thursday - Various Locations*

10 am - 3pm 

Friday - Peterborough Area

9 - 11:30 am

Scroll down for rates and booking information.

Before/After hours time slots available by special request only.  Please note that special rates apply. 


What kind of space do you need for this? 

Depending on the number of employees participating, these mini sessions can take place right where your employees sit, in a spare conference room, the employee lunch/break room, in the reception area, on the manufacturing floor, in the courtyard, or anywhere there's space for us to spread out a little and stretch.


What kinds of equipment will you need/bring? 


Very little!  Sessions can be done seated or standing.  If you have office chairs (without rollers or with locking wheels) I like to teach a variety of seated stretches so that employees can learn how to incorporate them into their everyday routine.  


What should my employees wear?


Most business casual apparel is appropriate, and often times there no need to change.  Skirts, dresses, and clothing that is very tight/restrictive is not ideal as these sessions encourage full joint range of motion.  


I know you said no yoga mats, but are people going to have to get down on the floor? 


Nope!  All of the stretches within a session are done either seated or standing.  No getting down on the floor (or back up for that matter!)  

What happens on the day of our mini session? How does the class structure work? 

Each class is 30 minutes long and I will arrive approximately 5-10 minutes before your scheduled starting time.  Employees should be gathered and ready to go at your scheduled starting time for maximum efficiency. Each class begins with a short breathing exercise to allow everyone time to transition out of their 'working' brain and into the yoga session.  From there sessions move into a series of stretches (called a flow) that are tailored towards your business environment. 

How do you know what stretches are best for my business environment? 

At the time that you confirm your mini session I will ask you to describe your business/office environment.  What type of work do your employees do?  Do they sit/stand/move all day?  What types of repetitive motions are they performing?  Do you have any important projects/deadlines coming up?  All of this information is valuable to me when I'm designing a sequence for your session. 

Will there be any chanting or use of Sanskrit words? 

NO! While those are very traditional elements of a yoga practice, they're not appropriate for this type of environment/session.  I teach in simple (English) terms so that everyone can understand what part of the body they should be moving and where they should be feeling the stretch.  My goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone in the business environment.  


Single 30 minute session: $89

Block of four (4) 30 minute sessions: $325

Special request sessions occurring outside of the published schedule above are quoted on an individual basis.  Please inquire about these sessions here.

Ignite reserves the right to adjust these prices at any time and/or apply a travel fee should it become necessary in order to reach your place of business at the requested time.   


All sessions will be paid in full prior to scheduled session date.


Notice must be given at least 7 days in advance for any sessions needing to be moved/rescheduled.  These sessions must be rescheduled for a date within 35 days of the original session date. No refunds will be given for sessions that are not rescheduled for within 35 days.  

Cancellations by the client that occur within 24 hours of scheduled session will not be refunded or rescheduled.  If you wish to book another session, a 10% discount will be applied to your next session.  

Sessions needing to be moved/rescheduled due to unsafe/hazardous weather conditions must be rescheduled for a date within 35 days of the original session date. No refunds will be given for a session that is not rescheduled for within 35 days of original session date. 

Clients choosing to book a block of 4 sessions are required to book all four at once and all four sessions must be scheduled within a 45 day window of one another.   

Have a special circumstance or request?  Let's chat!