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When I first started running long distances (over 10 years ago) I actually Googled "what do runners eat?" I had no idea what I was doing and this seemed like a good way to get some answers at the time.  

Over the years I tried all sorts of stuff: diets, nutrition plans, recipe services, and sports nutrition products all in the pursuit of getting healthy, dropping a few pounds, and ultimately running faster and longer! 

The trouble was that each and every time I tried something new I ended up right back where I started:

- Confused about what foods to eat (or not eat)

- Baffled as to how to compose a 'healthy meal' 

- Unsure of how much food to eat for my size and activity level 

- Guessing at what time of day I should be eating my meals and snacks

- Battling my sugar cravings and binge cookie eating sessions

Finally, after about 6 years of this roller coaster ride, I decided it was time to put an end to it.


So how did I resolve it?  I got certified as a Nutrition Coach! 

Now, I realize that becoming a Nutrition Coach is probably NOT on your list of goals, but if you're a runner looking to get down to a comfortable racing weight in order to go farther, faster, and longer then I'm your Coach. 

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Get off the roller coaster and get personalized nutrition coaching for as little as $99/month