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I've partnered up with the amazing Heather Vaillancourt of Monadnock Therapeutic Bodyworks to put forth a new workshop for those in the public service industry.


It will be a 90 minute session focused on: 

  • releasing the physical tension and compounding stress accumulated during everyday and every shift.

  • ways that you boost on-the-job-safety

  • increasing your total body mobility and flexibility

  • promoting longevity of service 

We will be teaching you all the best tricks from both of our areas of expertise so that you can keep doing a job that is so incredibly important for our communities.  

Ready to get Operationally Fit? 


Sign up today to secure your spot in the next workshop on Wednesday October 24th from 6:30 - 8pm.  


Questions?  Let us know HERE 


What do I need to bring to this workshop? 

Please plan to bring the following items: a yoga mat, a large towel or blanket to pad your wrists/elbows/knees, and water.  We'll take care of the rest! 

You mention a foam roller in here...what if I don't have one? 

Not to worry - we've got you covered! There will be one there for you to use.   

What kind of clothing should I wear? 

Anything that you're comfortable in and that allows for free movement of your shoulders and hips.  Shorts and a t-shirt, sweatpants, or whatever you would wear to workout.  We would also suggest a sweatshirt or long sleeve top for the end when we cool down, you might want an additional layer.  

What time should I arrive? 

Please plan to arrive around 6:15pm in order to fill out any paperwork and get yourself all set up.  

Where is the Peterborough Community Center?  

It's at 25 Elm Street in Peterborough across from Bowling Acres.  You'll park on the side of the building and enter through the side door, not the front.  

What will we be doing during the workshop? 

During the first half of the workshop Heather will be taking you through some myofascial release (MFR) techniques including foam rolling and using a tennis ball to break up the knots in your muscles.  

We'll talk about the anatomy of stress and how you can use the MFR techniques to help reduce the aches and pains of physical exertion and combat the stress you experience while on the job.  

During the second half of the workshop I'll be taking you through a yoga sequence specifically designed to target the areas of the body that take a pounding in your line of work.  Namely the upper body (shoulders/neck/upper back) and the low back & hips.  The focus will be to help facilitate full body mobility and flexibility. We'll talk about your breathing and at the end I'll teach you a mindfulness technique that you can use before, during, and after your shift to relax and decompress. 

What if I've never done yoga before?!?!

PERFECT! No prior yoga experience is necessary! This is really important so let me repeat it again - NO PRIOR YOGA EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! And if you've got (what I call) a hang up about yoga (meaning that you think it's only for young, super skinny people wearing tight pants) then this is the perfect place for you to experience a workshop that is specifically designed for you!