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Most people look at me funny when I tell them I teach yoga classes in corporate office buildings, on manufacturing floors, and in shipping warehouses.


Strange but true!  


One of my missions in life is to bring yoga to the people of this world that need it the most - people working long hours at a desk, employees that stand all day, and those working tough manual labor jobs.  

Check out the Top 10 Reasons you should be offering yoga to your work force!

Ready to bring yoga to your office?


What type of equipment is needed for this class? 

None!  The sequences I design are specific to your work environment and are done either seated or standing, no getting down on the floor and no yoga mats are required! 

What should I wear? 

There is no need to change clothes unless you're wearing a skirt or clothing that restricts the movement of your shoulders and/or hips. While we won't be getting down on the floor, we will be bending over and or twisting so you will want to make appropriate clothing choices for that day.    

What time of day do you offer these sessions? 

Sessions can be done at any time of the day.  Before, during, or after work hours.  Send me an email to jump start the conversation and let's find a day/time that works for you!

What does a typical session look like? 

Each session starts with a short breathing exercise to help employees transition out of 'work mode' and into the session. From there we move into a series of stretches or postures that are specifically designed for your environment.  This portion takes about 15 minutes and following that we do another breathing exercise or a guided visualization that helps employees to close out the session and get prepared to head back to work calm and refreshed!

Are you teaching any yogic philosophy or talking about any spiritual topics that might make my employees uncomfortable? 

Nope! If you've ever been to a studio yoga class before you may have noticed that the instructors use the Sanskrit pose names and perhaps they opened or closed the class with an OM or a chant....those elements of a traditional yoga practice don't have a place within the corporate work environment.  So I teach/cue all of my sessions in English and while I do teach breathing exercises and guided meditations they are focused on helping employees relax, refocus, and return to work ready to be productive!  

What do the sessions cost? 

Sessions are typically 30 minutes and the price is $89 per session. If you'd like to offer a longer session please reach out and let's chat about your vision for implementing yoga in your office place.